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Was It Me?
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Was It Me?

Poem By Lauren Fouche

When you were 15 you married my dad,
Not long after along I came.
You held me and loved me,
Giving me gentle kisses.
You needed me as much as I need you.
It wasn't much longer when you left me behind,
It hurt so bad no words could explain.
I wanted my mom more than life itself,
But nothing I did brought her back to me.
I blame myself, for she gave me up
yet kept the other.
Did I cry too much, eat too much what did I do.
Every child needs its mother
To love it, hold it, and be there through hard times.
For I'll never forgive you,
You've caused too much pain.

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Oh, my darling, oh I can almost feel your pain.....the unanswered questions, the whys-Was it me? Yes, every child needs his mother for that is the way it is suppose to be. When a Mother walks away, when a true mother walks away, it has to be for a very good reason-because a Mother never walks away. She will do without, give her last. I don't know my child, the answers here, have you tried to find out why-to ask her, if it is possible? There is a scripture I wish to share, and I hope it is okay, it is Psalms 27: 10, it states, 'In case my own father and my own mother did leave me, Even Jehovah himself would take me up. Keep writing for I very much enjoyed it and it is good therapy, I learnt that a long time ago.