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Was It Really...

The breeze was playing with your hair
Couple of strands dancing all over your face
You were trying to ignore it
Tucking those playful strands
Behind your ears....

We were just looking at
Each others faces
Eyes to be exact
Well, we were peering at
Each others glazed eyes

Like two musicians
Peeking at the score
Trying to make out
What note to play

Like two writers
Wondering clue less
What word to write
To continue the story

The sun got tired
Hanging up there
Waiting for us to finish
And decided to set

The breeze was still playing
With those strands of hair
And your hands were trying
To keep them tucked
Behind your ears

With out taking your eyes off
With out breaking the glance
You just said
'Let's go...'

(The 100th. For you... and because of you.)

by Rowving Smith

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