“was It Worth It? ”

Don’t sell part of your freedom to the devil himself
Ones he gets a hold of you he won't leave you alone
You will be emotionally and physically dead
You just don't listen until it consumes you
Believe me is going to hurt you
All our loved one keep warning you
But you don't listen
It doesn’t matter if there is a contract between both of you
You can stop it from continuing
Don’t make it too late for yourself
Don’t just say i will stop
When we both know that you won’t
We stand here and ready to help
But god why are you just so stubborn
We are giving you one last chance
Wake up and see the facts
It doesn’t only have a contract with you
It has a contract with 42.1 million American lives
It’s funny how much we warned you
And do you see the results?
Was it worth it having brain damage?
Was it worth it having cancers in all different body parts?
Was it worth it losing all your 5 senses?
Was it worth it to decay your teeth and to lose almost all?
Was it worth it getting asthma
Was it worth it having all wrinkles around your young beautiful face?
Was it worth to look like you're 30 but in realities you were only 22?
Was it worth it even not recognizing who were you?
Was it worth it to spend all your parents’ savings?
Was it worth it to miss all these great family opportunities?
Was it worth it to pay all those useless hospital bills?
Was it worth it to quite everything you loved in this life?
And lastly and most importantly was it worth it to lose your life?
But funny thing is i ask myself is it worth it for me to stand in front of you grave
And read this poem even though i know it's too late?

by monica halim

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