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Was It Worth It?

Don't speak another word because its going to be a lie.
I'm tired of your excuses and allebuys.
Since im not worth the truth,
Your not worth my time.
Its not worth fighting over.
Its not worth it to stay.
I'm not changing my mind.
I'll give you back your peresents,
Can you give me back my heart?
My heart belongs to no one,
Covered by a shell to be protected.
No one can get in.
Corretcted by reality,
Falied by fantasy.
Was it worth it?
All the pain?
All the lies && games?
I settle for nothing,
And won't be satisfied.
My charade is strong,
The real me a stranger.
Its all coming down to this my last request.
Forget me.
We don't know one another.
Watch me as I leave.
Don't come after me.
Does silence mean your listening?
Or does it mean I'm right about everything.
Don't deny.
Just let me know you understand.
Don't worry i'll get over it.
L-O-V-E isn't made for me.

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