The Iris

In my garden I saw the biggest rainbow ever seen
and it had a shadow too, I bathed in its glare, and
was the original multi coloured raincoat man.
Dug with my bare hands to find the crock of gold,
a big diamond found gave it to my distant brother
for safe keeping, while I dug but found no more.
My brother fled to Rotterdam where he sold my gem
to men with beards and black suites, where it was
cut into pieces, each one worth the price of a statelet.
My brother lives in Swiss, he hate me because I’m
his bad consciences talks bad about me and send me
letters that oozes of bitter resentment. I don’t care
now that I live inside kaleidoscope, and wear a multi
coloured raincoat, I need not precious stones.

by jan oskar hansen

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