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Was So Wrong

The love we had just made came down like a ton of bricks.
Life was so good,
Until you fucked it up in the midst-

In the midst of the confusion,
I had solely created.
In the midst of the problem,
I denied hatred.

It felt so good,
But was so wrong.
How could I ever allow
For this to continue for so so long?

The passion died,
As the tension began to rise.
I convinced myself that what I had let happen was not a mistake,
But a blessing in disguise.

How foolish of me,
To subject myself to your cruel game.
Your lips touching mine,
Our heart beats,
The rates the same.

But then my began to beat faster,
As yours slowed.
In your eyes,
The excitement had yet to grow.

You made me scream,
As it became rougher,
You became grim and mean.
But I liked it, oh, I liked it.

And then came the end.

So quickly we grew apart.
We barely even knew each other,
We barely even knew each other from the start.

by Hope Ramone

Comments (2)

Write for yourself and you cant go wrong. I liked this one and my advice would be to just write whatever you want.
Love the honesty in this one, and that it's not afraid to leave the niceties at the door. More please!