Was The Tryst Forgotten?

Poem By Salvie Rosales

I waited, Love. All Nature waited, too;
The dust of air for flower-scent and song,
The sky for moonlight and the earth for dew-
All lingered, looking to their love. Ere long,
The flowers wakened; in another while,
Moon came to kiss the bosom of the sky,
Dew lent to leaves the glimmer of a smile,
And all were happy in their hearts, but I-
Till I beheld how every blossom soon
Languorous drooped with satiate desire,
And witnessed, too, the waning of the moon,
The slow sad failing of its amorous fire.
Then was I glad my joy has been delayed
Since risen late it must the later fade.

Upon the grasses weary were my feet,
Weary my eyes with peering in the dark.
But O my heart anticipating sweet
Sweet joy lay singing lightly as a lark.
And, Love, I fretted having but a pair
Of eyes and arms and lips to greet you by,
Wished for a clustering of hearts to share
Felicities foreseen as drawing nigh.
But when you came not and the night was fleeted,
O solace sweet it offered me to own
Only two lips and eyes to feel defeated,
To meet the emptiness two arms alone,
Only one heart to feel beneath the pain-
To faint, to die, by disillusion slain!

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