Was Yeats For Real

Was Yeats for real when he told of The Stolen Child
That was spirited away into the wilds
As he said by a fairy hand in hand
Forgive me if I do not understand

On what the legendary poet was on about
Though literary critics do not leave much doubt
That this poetic masterpiece from Mr Yeats
As good as the best of other literary greats.

A fairy person I have yet to see
And the real World out there is real to me
And for stolen children fairies I don't blame
I'd rather believe a human act of shame.

But Yeats about The Stolen Child could sing
Imagination is a marvellous thing
And his imagination set him on the road to fame
And his is a legendary literary name.

The poems of Yeats will live forever more
And are still widely read beyond his Homeland shore
And his imagination gave his words wings to fly
And the poet is gone but his poems will never die.

But a child stolen by fairies is not real to me
For I am shackled by reality
And perhaps I am bound for the poetasters hell
But such is life and then suppose ah well

When Yeats told of a child that a fairy did steal
Perhaps his poem to the poet was real
He had a vivid imagination something rare
And he lived in the World of fantasy out there.

by Francis Duggan

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