Wash Over Me Love And Laughter

Wash over me love and laughter,
I invite you.
My happiness, my joy, this moment,
Unite you.
Fear and Sorrow, I refuse to,
Fight you.
You may dwell here, if you,
Want to.
But I have much better things to do,
Than to confront you.

I will be the one with my hands in the air,
Clapping and rejoicing,
In the front of the congregation.
I will be the one with my face to the sun,
Splashing and playing,
In the water of the fountain
I will be the one, with my heart in my hand,
Dancing and twirling,
Inside my own imagination.

I do not owe you an explanation,
For my happiness.
Though I acknowledge fear and sorrow,
I choose to be blessed!

by connie crane

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