LC (Friday 16th October 1987 / Alexander Hospital, Redditch.)

Washing Clean Tomorow

The rain fell down,
washing all around as it pelts to the ground.
The ground opens up and swallows,
ever thirsty for more to follow.
The leaves cackle and laugh,
the wind bellows and brawls,
as they rustle and fall.
The streets flood as the rain builds up,
the children laugh and scream,
as they jump around with anticipated glee.
The thunder claps the lightning strikes,
the earth quivers with its might.
A new day breaks,
the night previous lies in its wake.
The sun shines down a glorious glow on all the lies below,
life awakens, morning has broken.
Chirping birds and thriving plants sing the day away,
as children play, jumping in puddles up to their knees,
Untill parents call,
after all, tomorrow rain may fall.

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