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Wasps, Cats, And Caravans
DM (20/12/1988 / Colchester)

Wasps, Cats, And Caravans

Poem By David Mitchell

What is the purpose of wasps, cats, and caravans?
The world would be so much happier
Without wasps, cats, caravans,
Unless you were a wasp of course,
Or a caravan, or a cat.
Why do people use caravans anyway?
What fun to be stuck behind one for seventy miles.
Wasps are pointless, though, aren’t they?
Bees pollinate plants. They’re quite pretty—
Wasps, that is. People like cats.
I don’t mind them particularly but—
Oh well, never mind. Every creeping thing
That creepeth upon the earth. Insects
Are a nuisance. Why is he afraid of spiders?

(Monday,31st October,2005.)

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Well Caravans I agree with you are a B--- nuisance! (fill in there whatever you like) . Wasps are horrid! But I do love cats. I don't have any now, only dogs, but the ones I did have were great. Nice read this one. Sincerely Ernestine Northover
DISCLAIMER: The prejudices reflected in the poem are not my own. They are those of someone I know.