ST (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

Wassup Bill Cosby

yo coz, ..nigga! , , ,
wassup wit chew?
jus what cha tryin tah say?
jus what cha tryin tah do?

you think because you filthy rich
PhD Jello Puddin bitch
that we sahpose tah talks like you? ....
bess wreckinnize a few thangz foo

youz made a switch, think back on shit
yah muthafuckin hipahcrit
the cosby kids, yo old cartoonz
them praject livin, ugly, fat jive talkin bahfoonz
each satday morn, ... you opened woundz!

honkey chillren watch yo show
den called me coon at school, ...
ya know....

an now yo old ass showin out
talkin loud cause you got clout
but know this coz, ..the more you shout

the more convinced i have become
that you have never known, or cared
bout where black fokez in america........
comes from...

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Comments (1) don't know what to say...I just bought the whole first season of The Cosby's the one show I watch when the world ceases to make sense, and I'm no honkey. Very interesting perspective, Steven...thanks for sharing your position.