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Wasted Chance
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

Wasted Chance

Poem By Stephen Carey

That was it,
That was my chance,
The one I prayed for.
It did come,
And it did leave.
I wasted it.

You were there,
In that chair,
You were sitting there.
We talked,
Then you turned
And looked at me,
Listening to whatever
I might have had to say.

I called for your attention
Or something like that,
You asked me what I had to say,
Or something like that,
And I said nothing,
Or something like that.

I had your eyes,
They were on me,
On me!
And I gave it up.
I even knew what to say.
There were two
Choices of words,
Both at the tip of my tongue,
But I became scared
And neither went further.

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Comments (2)

A universal subject and truth discussed. Simple statements, casual read, clarity of message. The opening, told the poem. An experienced reader need read no further. Perhaps the weakest element. A classic ending, but predicted. This is a well written poem but on a well worn topic. Nothing absent except creativity within the subject matter. A well earned 8. GW62
This always happens to me too. Things just don't turn out the way that you picture they will, and sometimes you get the chance to talk to them for a second time and realise you've wasted it... again. haha : p