EIF (29.08.1985 / Australia)

[wasted Hearts]

We threw hearts at each other
Like it never meant a thing….

We walked through the ages of time
Before we saw that wall…
A barrier,10 ft tall.
Not a key in sight,
Not even a door.

Where do we go from here?
Do we just…
Walk the other way?
Forget what we had?
Reverse our words…
Till we had nothing left to say…

I loved you,
A part of me always will,
But hate comes in many forms.
Some for you,
More for I…
Do we try to fix this?
Will this feeling…
Ever die?
Can we work through this...
Or just keep staring at this wall
A hedge,50 ft high?

I’m standing here,
Not moving from this place.
Not looking a door,
Nor a key…
To end in disgrace.
We came this far,
For time to aged us thin

We threw hearts at each other….
Now there’s no going back,
Just throw mine in the bin.

~Recycle my thoughts away….
There’s no going back….~


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On the positive side of it, throwing hearts is like giving love to each other. When someone throws a heart catch and cherish it, its hard to come by these days! High marks.