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Wasted Instincts

Having found myself
Do I now have to shut
Myself away again?
Having learnt to love myself
Must I now return to
Self loathing and denial

Having broken free from
The closed opinions of others
I now find myself wondering
Have I just been deluding myself?
Maybe I am one alone in
A world that pretends
To be knowledgeable.

I have always known
What others have to
Learn from another.
Instinctive carnal knowledge.
Simultaneously desired and feared
I have endured the indignities of
Hypocritical moralities.

What I had come to see
As a gift to now seems that
It may be a curse after all
Living in a world where too few
Speak my language
Of physical love.
Is there to be no partner
Able to mirror my passion?

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Surely, a day will come to answer the last two lines.