Wasted Pottery

Poem By Indira Renganathan

Lovely pottery
Just for cookery

She bought one
To try

She cooked
Something delicious

He commented
'Uncooked pot'

She's broken
Into shards

Comments about Wasted Pottery

Beautiful poem, dear Ma'm. Women are so fond of exquisite pottery. To cook a delicious recipe in the lovely pot is an art. A careless comment from a man can shatter the whole endeavour. I would have loved to taste this dish...... :) ......top stars. Thank you for your fabulous comments on my poems. With lots of love to you.
He commented 'Uncooked pot' She's broken Into shards..........oh! shattered the heart in the breaking pot
Though the potteries are broken yet these are good for cooking. Food is something delicious. A beautiful poem on pottery is nicely inscribed in nutshell. T
An irrelevant comment from the loved ones breaks the heart. Sweet n simple poem.
A fabulous poem, so often we come across such things in life which is not meant for what andwe think it will serve certain purpose but it does not. Nicely conceived poem.5 *

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4,8 out of 5
4 total ratings

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