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Wasted Shadow
ST (1941 / Jug Fork, Mississippi)

Wasted Shadow

Poem By Scarlett Treat

Don't laugh at me,
You dark shadow!
Get behind me
Where you belong.

I won't allow you
To take over my life.
I won't let you
Laugh at my misery.

Don't even twinkle
Your eyes at me,
Or try to remind me
Of who I used to be!

Other shadows drift along
The sidewalk as they should,
Slipping home through moonlight,
Dreaming in the starlight.

So, stop your
Stupid smiling, Shadow!
Get behind me
Where you belong!

I am really
So used up
I don't even need
A shadow anymore.


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Comments (16)

Dudette, you'll never be used up no matter how much of yourself you pour out! Such is the strength of your spirit. A terrific little write; how did it slip past me? ! Esther : ]
Great little poem, made me smile, especially the last stanza. Was it Peter Pan who was always having troubles with his shadow? Ha, your secret identity is revealed! -chuck
Thats a good line - 'So used up that I dont need a shadow.'
This is an excellent poem, a great deal of sadness flows here. My dear Scarlett, you could never be used up. ---Melvina--
How did I miss this...? Scarlett, your spirit could never be suppressed; your light will overcome every shadow. 'Used up'? As if! ! ! Much love to you, Esther : ]