I am angry, I am sad
Everything I have given up
What I wanted in life
Who I wanted to be
Now nothing is what I see
All my dreams gone
My will broken
Nothing but the shell of my former self
Everything in the name of love
Trust broken like fine China
Love cast aside like dirty linen
Anger and sadness is all I’m feeling
Left to face mountainous problems alone
I was once a beautiful desert oasis
Now nothing but barren wasteland
No longer able to bear fruit

by jeannetta harris

Comments (3)

I am convinced....there is no such thing....as a wasteland....for everthing....has a time....and purpose........including......that very special.........tomorrow! Be well.
Just wait for the rains, time can change everything.
Nice poem Jeannetta. Liked 'Love cast aside like dirty linen' and 'barren wasteland no longer able to bear fruit'. Thank you.