Wasteland: Man created desolation.
Now although the tides of war have moved on.
The earth conceals seeds of destruction
One step can trigger an explosion.
There’s little hope of reconstruction
and even less of compensation...

The simple folk who once farmed hereabout.
Were by opposing armies driven out
Now homeless refugees they go without.
Although receiving sympathy; I doubt
if it will help. Because they are still kept out
by landmines which have not been taken out.

What should be seen as a priority
is not being regarded seriously.
Sadly it has been left to charity
to remove the mines but too slowly
By experts; all volunteers who gallantly
risk life and limb so that the land can be

returned to useful cultivation
The landmines made safe every last one
no more need to fear explosion
The land is safe; a job well done
There’s little time to rest we must move on.
There always seems to be another one.

Another area needing to be cleared
of land mines which are rightly feared.
The rightful owners have disappeared
forced to flee when rebel soldiers appeared.
When we arrive we won’t be loudly cheered.
The land is empty desolate and weird.

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by ivor or ivor.e hogg

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Ahh, poignant but true Ivor. The rip tides of war erode leaving uninhabitable wastelands behind - in it's wake. Powerful penning! ! *10*! Best regards! Friend Thad
Sort of just got to dance a lot.