Wastin' A Day In Applebee's Margaritaville

Around my old stomping grounds of Metro-Detroit in Madison Heights,
It is a city with a good number of to share of good places to drink and eat.
And if you are toddler you might get lucky, you can pick any kid meal in sight,
and get 'free booze' as you sit in booster seat.
'Dominic Dill-Reese of Oak Park began acting strangely Friday afternoon
after taking a few drinks from a 'sippy cup' at an Applebee's in Madison Heights.'
It wasn't so funny-but then when your not laughing,
you could you can have a dinner of 'riblet' bites.
It appears that he was one child in three,
That became under the influence,
'In June 2007, a 2-year-old Antioch, Calif., boy was served a margarita drink instead of apple juice at an Applebee's.
A year earlier, a 5-year-old New York City boy was given a Long Island iced tea.'
What's the problem here?
Is Applebee's corrupting our children all across the USA?
Or simply putting it? they are hiring left-overs from the intelligent lines,
What more can you even ask for, for wage is somewhere around $3.00 / HOUR
It is quite obvious that appealing to families as your neighbor hood bar and grill,
that there is a problem still.
Maybe lawsuits will encourage Applebee's to hire more qualified workers,
It would be simple
And increase the wages to attract better people.



by Joe Rosochacki

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