Wasting Time With Your Co-Worker

So there I am, chatting with a friend of yours,
Who knows more than what I do about things in between us.
Still, there he is, chatting with me concerned about his own
And there I am fast typing as fast as I can, as for my hands have 10 fingers,
And my head two eyes and for that I dedicate them all to him as for that moment is all he has,
And he goes on, not streight to a question, but on and on, travelling around circles,
To find and answer that I don’t even know. So there I stick with him as a friend,
As for I know and so does he, that that’s all that we are, because you were the one
And only one, and it doesn’t even matter what went wrong as for we both know,
So much has past and for so long you’ve being gone…
Still my outlook through life is half full and yours is half empty,
So you can live at it fullest and I can save the rememberances.
Your friend he is, not mine, still, its ok, why should I ask if all is gone, and you have past?

by Florida Angel

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Wonderful and heartfelt poem of memories past that you look back on sweetly all the while allowing a new one in.....~~~~marci. :) ~~~