JSJ (06/25/93 / McAllen, TX)

Wat She's 2 Me

Heaven I'm in every time I'm with you.
Angels can't compare to your magnificent beauty.
Nothing will ever ruin our love.
Never felt like this before, you're my other half-you're my life.
A second more without you can't live any more.
Honestly you're the most awesome girl in the whole world.

You're the one I fell in love with and will always be.
Only you are and will always be my true and only love.
Unique our love is
Replenish the heart in me which you've done.
Everything isn't complete 'till I'm with you.

My feelings for you shall never change.
You're what I've being waiting for all my life.

Profound in my heart you've carve yourself.
Enamored of you I'll always be.
Rare my love to you is.
Falling in love with everything that's you since the beginning.
Exhilarated my heart is when he hears your voice.
Colossal love I have for you.
Thinking of you all the time I do.

Greatly thankful I am for having you in my life.
I'm madly in love with you.
Reciprocate love to you I'll shall forever do.
Life you gave me when we met.

by Javier Solis Jr.

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This is beautiful Javi. You are an amazing poet. Keep writing. Thank you. I know you will find that girl that makes your heart skip a beat and gives you butterflies. I know she's out there for you. Just believe. Not everything happens on scheduele or happen on purpose. You'll find that girl when your not looking for it the most. Lates