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watashi Wa Wakarimasen.

until then
the moon never says
that it understands
the language of the
she is immersed
in the darkness
she is floating
in that immense
she is inside something
that does not
too understand
the meaning of
its light...

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Light is invisible when it falls on anything it's the thing that shines. To understand the meaning of its light the moon needs someone who can shine its light. A beautiful poem
Such a wonderful poem wrappedin mystery...love it! thanks for sharing kabayan..😊😊10++++
I cannot help but smile at the fine touch of wit mixed with irony bits. Haha I may know well that wakarimasen Get it often when people try to avoid further discussions, may just take the I don't know into their arms, holding tight to those words as there would never be another chance to find another ways to solve a problem.. Shikataganai (that's the way it goes) .