(August 23,1943- July 18,2011)

You were the smile of my day,
so why did you run away?
You were the burn to my bridge,
but I didn't let the sorrow sink in.
You were all the love in my heart,
and you always taught me to be smart.
You were still as sweet as a tart,
but now that you're gone and in every thought.

The thought of you gone everyday,
It makes my heart stronger either way.
The thought of the smiles disappearing,
makes me lose to have you winning.
The thought of the laughs gone forever,
makes my heartbeats no better.

The image of you lying their,
keeps my memories only in pictures forever.
Though god knows best,
and he never promises forever.
At least I know you’re in good hands,
because we all know the Lords plans.
We will all reunite with the best.
Now that we are not together,
I will cherish our memories forever.

By: Kayla B. Jones - Written Friday, May 2,2014

by Kayla Jones

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lovely poem as winter draws near...not for us in OZ flowers all year like sun patients keep on and on with flowers...regards
As the blighting winter is at the doorstep when vegetation will be totally killed by the frost, enjoy the last flower! A small but beautiful poem having a deeper meaning! Before the winter of life sets in, enjoy life's last chances!