Watch Out Kiddies! ! !

Poem By Hubris Knickerface

if you go down to the mailbox today
you are sure of a big suprise
I couldn't tell you what it is
but you would have to hold your stalks upon your eyes (well, it rhymes)

the grand old Duke of York had 10,000 men
-I have had more men then that I hasten to add-
they marched right up to the top of the hill
and then I sent a complaint to admin

I have a love/hate relationship with people
I love myself, and I hate everyone else
but you won't be laughing soon, I will remove that smirk
from the smelly little skunks faces

they're all plotting and conspiring against me, you see,
like the evil little turd monsters that they reveal themselves to be
we will yet lay a golden egg
fresh from the bowels of Hades himself.

Comments about Watch Out Kiddies! ! !

This was awesome, amazing how you placed your words in context. You got a 10 from me for this poem! Always, Linda
His Homeynence wonders if Satchmo will weigh in with his soon as he receives it from Hubris. peck
skilfully written, hubris - john.
Yes, Hubris we will destroy the all. We will form a new race that can snort purified air through their nasal cavities. We will fly, that's already been done... fear not. We'll hit them with doggerel instead, dear cousin. Oh Yes, eggs will be firmly on their chins then, Hubris.

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