MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Watch & Pray (1)

The sands of time are running out
For those of woman born
For those yet lost who live in doubt
Of Jesus’ second dawn

How can we bring the blind to see
How are the deaf to hear
When like the flood the time will be
When masses die in fear –Rev.6: 15-7

In truth my God I’ve seen The Light
Through Christ You’ve made it mine
How can this child give others sight
To see life's facts divine

Without The Holy Ghost within
Without The Truth & Way
Without Your blood to wash their sin
They’ll suffer judgement day

As watchman now the bride must shout
The signs are crystal clear
The world must learn what life’s about
Before You reappear

The fig-tree’s green and bearing fruit –Mt.24: 32-35
Your chosen, flood the land
Zion will see king David’s Root
And then they’ll understand

Just like a thief You’ll soon arrive
That fearful promised day
Where but the few with faith survive
Who’ve walked Salvation’s Way

How terrible for those still lost
Who’ll share the devil’s fate
Whom Christ as Lamb paid high the cost
Who’ll seek His face too late...

by Michael P. Johnson

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nice thoughts....brings a peace as we begin to believe in him.......