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Watch With Eyes And Cauchy3 May Know
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Watch With Eyes And Cauchy3 May Know

Watch with eyes and Cauchy3 may know..
Cauchy3 is Cheung shun sang.
SCHEZO but not SCHIZO_..
As those When the Claim on Polls will die under devils seats for hands retributions.
Bucks will buy the fates of nations some with some- what.
China buys the fates of some as Africa.
Politics do not check my hearts.
Fighting does not check my hearts.
His esteems will not check my guts.
Esthete WEIN KA PO is dizzy limits.
Dizzy limits on your powers get to squeeze.
Zipped your zapping files are firing.
Hide your guns with cap up lives.
Show your hands with charms.
Seventy billion dollars lend to some Africa on debts.
Rate the ranks of nations’ fates.
Taiwan BOFFINS listen all with radars.
U.S.A. BOFFINS listen all with powers.’
Watched with eyes have funny sayings.
We have rights.
WUJANTO Dixie cups will call to morals.
Men will make our objects orbiting round to watch on you.
Cauchy3 may know you.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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