Watch Your Back!

Why did you have to go and make me sad?
You took my good and me and made us bad,
By your actions, you robbed my heart, and soaked
It in the vinegar of your sweet savoring words, cloaked
By mass ACTS of affection. You, with your charm deceived
Me… by your actions you brought immense joy, and I believed…
Delicious devil… Sexy Satan… Wicked Witch... I hate you!
I hate you for my wasted love, for the pain I was put through.
I hate you for the time I wasted waiting on you…
Why couldn’t you just tell me your love was not true?
Dear fool, every coin has two faces. Even so
Mine has been flipped -the same place that flowed
With fresh fountains of love, is now fuming
With hell-bred hate, as the care used to build
The crystal castle of love is now corrupted with
The currents of distaste. Virulent violence shattered into shrapnel
The vase that held our rose of trust. The pieces stained sour
With watered blood. Trying to hold unto sanity's salvation... But... For what?
I can't forgive you. With the pieces left... I am going to calmly, cut you.
Savoring sweet smiles whilst you suffer, in pain…
I bear this on me so another would not suffer, again.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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