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Watchful Eyes
GW (5/11/1947 / Kerrville, Texas, USA)

Watchful Eyes

Poem By George Wootton

When just a babe I was protected by my mothers watchful eyes,
ever vigilant for any danger she was there should need arise.
She fed me when I hungered, changed me when I was soiled
and through my childhood cared for me, through night and day she toiled.
As I grew into a boy it came as a surprise
that now another watched over me through my fathers watchful eyes.
He taught me how to be a man, how to work for what I receive
and how to learn from older folks, how their wisdom my pain could relieve.
He taught me honesty, integrity and honor, that from these I should never stray
for a man is only as good as his word, a good name is worth all one must pay!
As a youth I also discovered that there is nothing a boy can hide,
for my folks would soon know if I had done something wrong
through our neighbors watchful eyes.
It seems the entire community helped with each child to raise
and as I reflect that is how it should be but that has passed with the 'good old days'.
Then came my time of adulthood and new adventures in life,
I found my actions guided by the watchful eyes of my wife.
Not always did I act with wisdom and too late did I realize
that to satisfy self I brought tears of pain to my children’s watchful eyes.
Now I am old and much wiser, Gods word strive to live and teach
and I know that to all whom I witness their watchful eyes are on me.
The Bible says that what is done in darkness will someday be brought to light
for we are constantly being looked upon by heavens watchful eyes.
Soon from this flesh I will separate and will rise to my new home on high
and reside there, forever protected by my Saviors watchful eyes.

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An absolutely beautiful poem, written with sincerity and reverence. I applaud your expression of wisdom.