MA (March 27,1951 / India)

! ! ! ! ! Watching A Child Grow! ! ! ! !


Like flowers reaching for Sun, baby sucks ma's breast.
Petals open kissed by light, baby smiles content.
Dew drops evaporate, toddler plays on grass.
Butterflies flirt with flowers, he gurgles and laughs...


Whole creation is alive, youthful and so bright.
Tiny necks peep out of shell, ready for maiden flight.
Ma stands with Tiffin at gate, child hops into van.
Soon the van goes out of sight, things go well as planned.


Birds twittering day long, youth strums on guitar.
Dusk falls and shadows lengthen, a girl comes in car.
A magical hour, twilight... Walking hand in hand,
Light breeze caresses the leaves, ma smiles as she stands.


The night is young, air fragrant; sound of wedding bells.
Stars twinkle, full moon so bright, sound of conch shell.
The whole cosmos celebrates, as the feast is spread.
The clock strikes the midnight hour, together break bread.

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Comments (12)

Superb write here...sways the reader here away to imaginations..
A keen eye for detail, some wonderful comparisons and a beautifully poetic expression make this write stand out.
Touchy! and very neat and clean! A fine artwork indeed! Mamtaji, your mamtaful obsevation and creative composition always touch me! I can see your lovely mind! 10++++
Mamta, lovely word pictures of growth of child, an enjoyable read. Watching, rearing, noticing, teaching and love all are necessary when we raise a child, I can see you noticed very well with lots of care! Love Bob
Picture perfect. touching, wonderful imagery
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