(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Watching A Rodeo

Do you ever sit on the bleachers
At a rodeo
Heart pounding - waiting
Sitting in the front row
Near the bucking shoots?
Getting sawdust in your mouth
As a cowboy rides by?
But you don't care.
Then there are those bulls!
You hold your breath
As the fierce animal
Comes flying out of the shoot.
Cowboy holding on with one hand
Waving the other in the air.
Round and round that bull goes
Is it from habit, going through his paces
Old and set in his ways
Or is it a young bull
Excited about his quest in life
Determined to be the best in his field
But whatever he is
There is just 8 seconds
8 seconds to stay on that bull
and 8 seconds to throw the cowboy
8 seconds of thrills for everyone!

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