MH (Oct 1st 1990 / Detriot)

Watching Beauty

I think it was the realization that I'm no longer alone
That helped me to put down the phone
and say goodbye to my doubt for the very last time
It was a sign that allowed me to see through
Straight to you standing there so beautifully

And like a dream the stars become steps into the sky
You start to cry as I tell you that I'll never leave
To believe in such a gift was pure bliss
To take anything away from this would surely kill me
Now I see through to you so beautiful

And the moon shown on us and only us
It was a spotlight to the only thing that matters
In this small universe, and it watched us
because there's nothing more beautiful
and I know now that I'm not alone

And the telephone lines disband
and the buildings sink into the ground
The only thing that's left is you and me
and the only thing I see
Is beautiful

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Comments (2)

My only thought while reading this was, isn't that beautiful. You certainly titled it correctly. All poets try to describe beauty, but I believe it's more in the feelings we have than in the vision we perceive. How wonderful! GW62
watching beauty is a very nice hobby...but yours is different :)