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Believe Me
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Believe Me

Poem By Obiaeli Ifediirichukwu Victor

Night wraps chilly fingers
round my neck as I lean
to see the moonlight
disappear, someone else’s
day casting shadows
on my night, giving me the dark
while they have noon
Both dark and damp
with chilly tendrils
a delicate caress
that catches at the heart
to make it shiver
as the dark becomes
complete and alone
becomes a burden
as night settles
full of silent sounds
that pulse
beneath the skin
the icy taste of fear
like knife blades
etching snowflakes
on the heartbeat in the throat
yet still I lean to see
to watch the edge of light
dissolve and start to grow
it’s only an eclipse,
light will come back
it does not last forever,
does it?

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