Pure water

When water falls,
Fill me with compassion,
That, Life cannot be reaped or slowed down is because of our dominion
Water drops are for the earth and it’s fullness

The drops that awaken the dead and they breath a hive of redemption
For it is water we all crave,
Water of life fall, fall heavy drops on me
And cleanse all my tears of immortality

Be reminiscent of my temporary stay on earth
Remind me again oh! Hero of life that,
In my shadows lie my greatest hope and
If I were to over look forgiveness in my deeds
I am as good as naked, for forgiveness draws me a step closer to you.

Didi Eluka
Feb 05

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That is what life is all about imo Didi,10 from Tai, feeling a pun coming on! ! oops! Sorry, it's the question in the name.