Poem By Diana Poems

You sway
Like my emotions
You glitter
Into my eyes
You swallow
Me inside
You give me warmth
You make me shiver
You keep the petals of a rose
From wither
I look at you
You are transparent
But within you
There is beauty
There is life
And without you
My petals will stiffen and wither

Comments about Water

Beautiful correlation between water and life. Wonderful ink
But within you There is beauty There is life Water is the elixir of life and this aspect you have very nicely brought out in this beautiful poem.10/10 Since the current topic on PH is on ‘ Peace, ’ I invite you to read my poem entitled ‘ A Nice Wise Guy, ’ on PH
this is soooo lovely.. the analogy which i made out, out of this was as in you were refering to a loved one as water.. anyways poems have no one meaning.. so i culled out mine.. anyway, thanks for a wonderful read.. regards, krishna
Diana, there is nothing shallow about this poem... rather, a deep journey into the essence of water. Brilliantly done! ! Brian
How true, water is the sustainer of all life.

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