The spirit of life,
spreads everywhere,
to all corners of our globe.
Rain, mist, fog, snow,
form lakes, rivers,
babbling running brooks;
the carriers of life’s soul
life’s bountiful
identity and joy.

Without it,
grasses brown,
trees rot and fall,
no leaves, flowers,
seeds, or fruit;
no shade, no scent,
no colour, food.

Animals, people, die;
no creatures great or small.
Deserts of want appear
no life or giving;
there is a thirst upon the land.
In time, all will wither,
wilt, rot and die.
Then a dirt, an ash
a sandy earth of want,
no open hand,
all life has gone.

More valuable than gold,
a treasure for us all.
use wisely, it is life.
All used up; We die!

by Bob Blackwell

Comments (10)

a wonderful poem bob, my sentiments entirely too! ! ! i wrote a poem titled 'rivers, & waterways' if you're interested. cheerio carola
dear bob......it is a beautiful poem, not only that the depleting sources of water can be a main problem in future times.people in general should be concious of not wasting water in their daily lives.because, like breath water is neccessary for survival.making people aware of it in form of poetry is a great thing.god bless. ritty
Well thought out and so true.10
A poem reflecting wisdom and thought! 10 + -Raj Nandy
A profound poem, sublime theme, a timely warning and outpouring of innate wisdom. Water, air, earth and sky, so essential for life in all forms are unscrupulously polluted by man, pluming himself to be the crowning glory of God. What an irony of fate! ! ! ! ! ! CP
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