A Love Song By The Star

Singing a love song, wandering in that peaceful and lonely night,
The blinking star lets his touching notes take a ride with the moonlight.
To thank the moon for her fan-like listening, her generous free flight,
The notes dance on the black sleepy ocean, make it excited and silver white.

(You may find the website for this song by the writer on the poet's page or search on the internet)

by Gordon Tseng

Comments (4)

Beautiful poem .. very important topic.
Couldn't agree with you more about water. There is a desert city, Phoenix, Arizona where people flock to. I keep wondering where is the water coming from for all those entering in? It is amazing that there are canals there that store rain water. I do also feel for those countries in peril.
Poignant and urgent concern indeed. You have done your part in bringing it up to the people's awareness and hopefully future actions. Grateful reader.
You tell them Colin. Nasty little greedy maniacs. They seriously think poor people should pay for water they can't even get.