You cool my nerves when my lips touch you,
You relax my senses when you pour over me,
You’re my savior, you’re my life,
Without you, oh dear water!
How would I simply survive.

You’re natural,
You’re pure
You’re essential
Oh! I am so sure.

I feel new, I feel alive,
When I drink you, I relax and feel so fresh…

You are from the heavens, the purest and safest,
I must thank the lord and call u the lovely sky juice.

I simply know one thing…
I want you, I require you.
You are so healthy, so safe, so clean,
Just like some god sent magic potion to heal the crying world.

When my heart is hurt, my eyes sail in your oceans;
But as soon as I gulp you down
My soul gets quieter and I see no more tears.

I know one thing for sure, ill never not need you!
You bring me heaven, making me feel i am me…
You touch me, but I can’t hold you,
You feel like god just god himself!

You pour from the heavens right above
Shower on me, pour on me.
You are like some eternal blessing
Right from my dear god!
Oh my darling, lovely sky juice!
You really know how to keep me relaxed…

by shruti modi

Comments (3)

the lovely sky juice... my eyes sail in your oceans... amazing imagery it quenches highest of the thirsts of life's essence!
I am now viewing water in a new light - 'lovely sky juice' is an image that fills my heart. A wonderful accolade to life's sustenance. S :)
Very talented use of something so needful that we take for granted, I enjoyed reading.