Water (Children's Day Special)

Drink water
Which is pure
It is healthy
That is sure.

Waste not water
It is life
Harvest it
Sustains life.

Wasting water
Is no no
Preserve water
Wise say so

Water is elixir
Flushing toxins
Nutrient carrier
Water has been

Drink water
3 liters a day
It is living
In healthy way
- - - - - - - - - - - -
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

by Tribhawan Kaul

Comments (3)

A very good work Bhajaan, and very important too, though the target readership should be the elders of 5-7 years kids who can guide them...here poetry becomes a service too...keep writing good and stay blessed!
Excellent poem for children literature on water. Simple and beautiful really shared on children's day. Very nice job done. More valuable at all time really.
very good advice, but water business is too big, which the governments of poor nations don't know. they want someone to teach them...This message may be classified as an unsuitable message, which I hardly mind.. Thank you Tribhawan Kaul//This is such a nice poem which I enjoyed...