~water Fall~ 2 Versions

Paling fast yet plainly seen
swirling misted ebbs blue-green,
Flows a calling, the stillness clings
a'wash within my drowning dream...

Whisper's echo, barely heard
with the rushing hum of words,
Rise of waters, round they fill
spills within as memories still.

Love is waking, the water calls
Drown in longing as I fall.

1-22-06 (revised 2009)
version 2 below
Fading from, yet plainly seen
swirls your misty ebbs blue-green,
Flowing fast, the vision clings
a'wash within my drowning dream...

Lover's sigh, barely heard
echos through my wanton world,
Rising waters, deeply fill
rushing in as memories still.

Just a'waking water falls
Drown you in me afterall.

sinnaminsun 2006 (revised 2009) still may revise

by Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun

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