AS (October 29th 1974 / Denmark)

Water Illusion

I am walking
by the water.
Surprised to see
so many others
enjoying the sight, the sound, the smell
of the ocean.

I start to think
about water
and how all waters in the world
are connected somehow.

I think
maybe my tears rain on you
maybe your tears rain on me
and I like that thought.

It brings you closer to me
I can almost feel you
and I miss you even more.

I shed a tear
and maybe that's the beginning
of a new circle of water.
Or maybe it is a response
to you thinking about me
and shedding a tear
because you miss me.

I don't know
and it doesn't really matter.
The thought makes me smile
so let me live in my illusion.
It makes my rainy days a bit easier.

April 12th 2009

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