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Water In Your Hands

My Angel -
We have silent conversations,
across the seas – though words cannot be heard.
my skin prickles at the thought,
of how much i love you -
It is more than i can bear.
And you´ll never know what it would have been like,
To be loved so much.
One could only wish to be loved so much.
I´ve forgotten the last day,
When there was a train and a box of chocolates -
Northbound, I see the scenery passing –
flashes of green, so beautiful it hurts.
And I was happy,
When your scent still lingered on my sweater, in my hair.
But the train stopped,
and I never saw you again.

A million life times worth of love
I have for you.
But you will never know,
You´ll never know.
and I will not stop,
to whisper words across seas,
in hopes they will wash up on your shore –
just for a moment,
to relish in your company once more
then slip through fingers,
like water in your hands.

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Beautiful, and touching! ~~Elya Thorn~~