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Water Not A Real Poem Just A Project I Had To Do
DB david bailey (4/30/1991 / manhatten)

Water Not A Real Poem Just A Project I Had To Do

Water better known as H2O
or two hydrogen atoms combined
with oxygen we also call it aqua or
in spanish agua it has so much surface
tension that it froms a sphere because
it likes itself and wants nothing to do
with anybody eles and would you
believe it likes to fight with air we call
that vapor pressure like bloods and crips
i dont get they fight and never end the war
one side wins and than the other wins
thats how come we have water vapor
and a boiling point talking about condensation
and evaporation the water cycle is in your imagination
solvation of nacl happens when that oxygen gets close
to that sodium and and hydrogen makes out with cl
clorine yes thats what it is i hope you enjoyed my project because
thats how water gets down awwwwwwww yeah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
gotta love that rap it was really really phat remix yall
everybody clap your hands over some water watch it ripple
if you create enough force it will begin to trickle down
the side of a glass into a pot throw on some heat and
watch it start to form some bubbles and in a short
while it will have disappeared now thats magic made easy
lol i mean learning made easy facts and fun mixed together
thats the way we tell the weather the rain the snow the sleet the hail has more to do with freezing points and boiling points make no since byt still it does i confused myself lost in the water drowing somewhat from the knowledge trying to make a rap and see whats going on

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