Water's Tears

I Always knew Water CRYS - closed book with No Disquise - A plea for me to put out the Fire and Stay with Him! (SURPRISE) ZOLOFT became a wall in my Life- Couldn't feel no Emotions - Not even with a Knife. His Daughter took Ill - so I decided to Run! This is my Life. I Dare you Want me now - I Dare you Love me now - I dare you plea with me To Stay. Traveled 20hrs down a one way- ->>>> Street during 50 mph. Slow - But crying and thinking - Why give me eye contact - I know what you thinking!
Made it HOME all I see is gold grand Prix. The man that live downstairs look like him with a Gold Grand Prix - so you see - The signs were there - so I open up my eyes to See- As the River runs through it - like a Wildfire in the Forest....Human Nature - We know our Callings.....like a Bird with no feathers traveling south from the bad Weather....We go learn to Flock together over the Mississippi River Water! ! ! ! ! !


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