Fighting Death

Life is story of an endless game
All about fighting the hateful death
It is an amazing struggle
All with familiar unescapable end
Strive hard to delay the fate
Be healthy and follow the rules
Do your daily exercise
Jog and go to the gym
Eat the healthy food
Vegetables and fruits
You can have meat
to your heart desire
Abstain if you are strict veggie
No much cookies, cake and doughnuts
Do not scream for the ice cream
You know, do not indulge
Fine you can have a scoop or two
Enjoy the opposite sex
With all their trappings and pleasures
Life does not need
to be mundane and drab
Be careful and follow
The right religion
So when you meet your creator
You will go to heaven
And not get pushed to
You better know
Inferno, fire and hell
If you believe in cosmos
Pray that you will cruise
safely in space
And not get sucked
into a huge black hole

by Sherif Monem

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