CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)


Walking through the forest, I see a flash of white
Catching my eye, but always just out of sight
Curiousity piqued, I follow to see what is there
Making no noise, placing each step with care
Gliding through the trees, I follow every glimpse
Fantastic visions in my head of faeries and nymphs
Before long I realize I have become quite lost
But I must see what it is, no matter the cost
Soon, I break from the trees to a quiet glade
Bright sunlight with scattered pockets of shade
On the edge a stream, flowing cool and clear
I hear rushing water as I draw ever more near
The stream disappears in a vertical flow
Falling through the air to a pool far below
Down upon the edge I rest upon my knee
My breath taken away by the beauty that I see
Droplets hang like jewels suspended in the air
Falling through the sunlight making golden hair
Sensual, curving forms are outlined in the mist
A flowered vine makes a bracelet at the wrist
Mesmerized by the sight, I cannot turn away
Lost and oblivious to the ending of the day
With the failing light, the magic begins to fade
Shadows slowly crushing dreams my mind has made
Awakened like a sleeper too long in his bed
I try to shake the visions still glowing in my head
Feeling somehow empty, I follow my own track
Wondering as I go, how I will ever find my way back.

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