Waterfall Of Hopes*

take me along, when it happens
if the stars and your dreams
and the waterfall of hopes that
defines you so permit

by Frank Lisa IndiRa Francesca Roger Platt Cornish Martin Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

for regardless of the magnolia and azure that I drape myself in Rachel Ann Butler
''that I drape myself in my journeys get entangle in algae of 'green' and can't break free '' a lovely poem...a dearest poet...10+++
excellent write rehan! ! my my the way you bgin this one is like an old friend taking you by the arm and gently falling in stride alongside you....very soulful and wistful all at the same time...10!
This piece i feel more poetic than other one.
To me this poem brings a feeling of being around someone, say a good friend, who has great dreams, and just knowing that there dreams will send them rocketing across the sky while I’m stuck mired in the mud. Not that I find your poem sad, no quite the opposite; and that, that makes it very, very interesting.
I'm aware of the inspiration of D's poetry... but this responce was so magical I thought it was a famous poem. Which of course it is! Well done Rehan. Its golden on its own. Rogerx.
Hey wasn't expecting that at the end! ! ! 10fold in its volumes
yet another facet of hope...cascading...
Quite Lovely thank you.
Terrific, Rehan! Thanks! Don
Beautiful! ! And you couldn't get 2 greater poets to help you out either! Lovely imagery. Well Done. HG: -) xx
it takes a while to understand but it is lovely rehan.