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The gushing of the clear blue water is refreshing as you cool your over-heated, over-worked body. Rebuilding a civilisation is taking longer than expected.

The breeze is reviving as it rustles the palm leaves. Two, three, four coconuts fall and smack the ground, cracking open the hard shell to reveal the soft flesh and thirst-quenching milk within.

You look out to sea at the crystal waters. Fish dart in the shallows. You are in paradise, an alyssum, a utopia. But soon it maybe inhabited by half-decent humans who care nothing for the environment.

Those who work hard to struggle to save and repair the damage, are sacrificing time and energy to a lost cause. It has already gone.

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It Puts a really clear vivid picture in your mind She is Amazing
so relaxing. makes me want to lie down with an ice cream sundae just reading it