KB (July 21,1957 / Provo, Utah)

Watering The Flowers

I wonder sometimes
what you think
peering over the slatted wood fence
between our gardens

Do you see me watering my flowers
pink petunia, purple violet, red geraniums
and wonder where water comes from

Do you see me walk back and forth
swinging the water
spraying out of a green nozzle
and wonder how I feel
walking watering swinging

Sometimes, I see you watering your flowers
tall blue irises, orange tulips, yellow daffodils
and wonder are you
having a good day
I see you walking
and sometimes call out encouragements
take long steps
I wonder if I am over stepping
our friendship as neighbors

But mostly when I am out
and I see you walking
I am grateful for the years
we have been friends and neighbors
and how time
walking and water
can heal so many things

by Kimberly Burnham

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