There's a special place hope is found,
Why turn your world upside down.

Searching this planet high and low,
Open your heart, to feel the glow.

Hope is a word much like the wind,
Can't see it blow, only where it's been.

Hope is there in expectant joy,
See it on the face of each girl and boy.

Girls and boys with hope in their eyes,
Each day is like a Christmas surprise..

So open this day with a gift in your heart,
By giving away love, we have a good start.

For there is where hope can be found,
Sharing your love the world around.

Hope is seen in the actions we take,
Our love expands like ripples on a lake.

So hope is seen and felt by all,
Who hears the heart of heavens call.

by Keith Foley

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I love this poem! Give you 10x10 for it!
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